Graduation Requirements


Graduation Ceremony and Requirements
VCA offers two types of diplomas*: CORE 40 and Academic Honors Diplomas. Refer to the High School Course Description Handbook on the school’s website at for specific requirements and courses for graduation in 2012.* The only exception to graduating with these two diplomas is if a student has a qualified learning disability (IEP) and/or tests at the lower 25th percentile in ability (IQ) that keeps the student from meeting the requirements. This will require a form to be completed and a meeting between the student, the parents, the guidance counselor and the administration to consider whether it will be a benefit to the student to graduate with a diploma with an exception (General Diploma).  Seniors must be taking at least four courses at VCA and have attended VCA full time at least one high school year or new seniors must be enrolled in five classes or more to graduate from Victory Christian Academy. *Bible credits are not required for years or semesters in which a student has not been enrolled at VCA.

Credits Awarded:

A credit is earned by the satisfactory completion of one course term that meets one class period daily for one semester. Student Teacher Assistant course is awarded one-half credit per semester. Courses that meet two days a week one semester and three days another semester are awarded 1 credit for the year. A term grade of A, B, C or D (+ or – ) denotes completion of a course.

High School Credits Required for Advancement:
As stated in the course description guide, the following credits are required for students to be promoted to the next grade: Grade 10 – 11 ½ credits, Grade 11 – 23 credits, Grade 12 – 34 ½ credits. An exception of being short credits is accepted one time and is to be made up by the end of the next school year. New students to VCA entering grades 10-12 may have different graduation requirements.

Graduation participation is mandatory for seniors and choir students if participating in the ceremony. Special participation in graduation ceremonies will be by administrative invitation only. Planning committees must have all ideas approved by administration. The dress code for graduation is semi-formal dress under the graduation robes. Boys are to wear dress shoes and girls participating are to wear dress sandals or shoes. Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to walk through the ceremony.

Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Christian Service Awards:
To qualify for a Valedictorian status, a recipient’s GPA must be 3.8 or higher and for a Salutatorian, 3.5 or higher. The two students with the highest GPA at the end of the 3rd grading quarter period and meeting the GPA requirement will be named Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. The staff will set criteria for the Christian Leadership Award with the top student meeting a certain level of the criteria receiving the award. Not all of the above awards may be given each year if students do not qualify. A student must have attended VCA one full year before his senior year to be eligible for these awards.