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Victory Christian Academy is the premier private academy in Porter County, Indiana.
VCA provides an excellent education for PreK-12th grade students that strengthens the mind, body, and spirit. Want to learn more?

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Victory Christian Academy offers both morning and full day Pre-Kindergarten (K4) for four year olds. A safe environment with caring teachers provides the framework for academic, physical, spiritual and social activities. Academically, the children have reading readiness lessons, science units, language skills, and math concepts such as counting to 100. They also learn number and shape recognition, math readiness skills, phonics sounds and letter recognition. The pre-school children learn to blend the sounds and begin reading one and two vowel words by spring.

Art and writing activities, gym time and recess involve the small and large muscles that contribute to physical development.

Spiritual activities include weekly chapel, daily Bible lessons, character development lessons and relating the wonder of God's creation in reading enrichment time, their science units and daily interactions. Music is integrated into lessons through the curriculum and chapel. Social development is encouraged during a daily playtime, recess and units in social studies that help the children become aware of the community around them.

Field trips are an essential part of a pre-kindergarten's learning experiences such as a trip with their class to an orchard. An introduction to Spanish and learning sign language through phonics complete the curriculum. The morning K4 (pre-school) takes place from 8:10 to 12:00 noon. If a full day is chosen, students stay until 2:40 PM which includes lunch, recess, a rest/nap time and enrichment activities before they are dismissed to go home. Interested families may call (219) 548-8803 for further information and/or to schedule a tour.