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Do Something Worthwhile…Contribute to Your Community!

Posted by: Victory Christian Academy on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Human connection is often lost in this fast-paced, technology-centered world. While technology is a wonderful tool, nothing compares to being involved with your neighbors in Northwest Indiana. Moreover, volunteering as a family models Christian values to your children. There are so many ways to give back! You can find something you would enjoy.

Still hesitant to donate your time and talents?

Here are 4 reasons to contribute to your community!
  • Volunteering is food to the soul. As a Christian, giving back is a way to share your testimony. You can lead by example and when the opportunity presents itself, share the good news about Jesus. You can grow in your relationship with Christ by sharing your heart with those around you.
  • Volunteering is good for your physical health. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to adding more movement in your daily routine. Donating your time to a soup kitchen, running errands for an elderly neighbor, or even walking rescue animals is movement. Adding physical activity of any kind improves many aspects about your physical health and prevents diseases.
  • Giving back is great for your mental health and clarity. Have you ever felt stressed out about your life? Giving back to others reminds your mind and heart that your problems are small compared to the less fortunate.
  • Contributing to your community may come back to you in another form. Meeting others, networking, and expanding your circle can open windows of opportunity. Maybe that person next to you is hiring. Perhaps someone you serve now will serve you in a different way in the future. It is true that God works in mysterious ways and when we show him our commitment to his children, good things happen.

At Victory Christian Academy, we are all about contributing to our community. We equip our students with education and inspiration to be disciples of God’s truth. Through our Christ-centered education, we prepare to change the world in his honor. We instill the values of Jesus by being great stewards to the community and giving back. To start your children on their educational and spiritual journey, call our north campus at: 219.548.2701 Or our south campus at: 219.548.8803.