VCA Robotics

The high school robotics team wrapped up their second season last Saturday. Many events were canceled due to covid, but the team was able to participate in three regional tournaments.

A tournament is much like a sporting event. It consists of referees, teammates, opponents, and fans. Each team competes in several matches in which they are paired up with another team to form an alliance and face off against two more teams. The alliance with the most points at the end of the match wins. Each match starts off with 15 seconds of ‘autonomous’ in which the robot has been coded to perform certain tasks.

On Saturday, our team competed at Plymouth High School with 60 teams. The team won 4 out of 6 matches. After the 5th match, the team placed 12th but fell to 21st place after competing against the first and second place teams. The team looks forward to next year’s season.

Back row: Coach Key, William Murphey, Levi Vander Wel, Kaden Snellgrove, Assistant Coach Jennifer Vander Wel

Front row: Solomon Miron, Jack Hayes

Not pictured: Isaiah Miron

~ VCA Robotics Assistant Coach, Jennifer Vander Wel