MS Election Photo

At the start of the third quarter, 8th grade set out to begin their Mock Election. They broke into groups of 3, composed of a Presidential candidate, a Vice Presidential candidate, and a Campaign Manager. Elle Thomae acted as our announcer and head of polls. 

The Campaign Managers were responsible for creating posters and flyers to hang around the school in order to persuade the students to vote for their team. These included photos of the candidates and some of their goals, if they were elected. The Vice Presidential candidates prepared a speech to present to the student body about their goals as leaders and share more on who they are as individuals. The Presidential candidates debated school-related issues in a panel discussion. They were also responsible for their own unique slogan!

On Tuesday, the 8th-grade students held the VP speeches and the Presidential Debate. The polls were open during middle school lunch on Thursday! Students were very eager to fill out the ballots and place them in the voting box, well over 30 ballots counted! With 18 total votes, the winning team is Bella Herrold (P), Grace Goetz (VP), and Ainsley Goetz (CM)!

-Miss Brooke Uporsky, Middle School Teacher